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Why ELISTOCRAT is different from other hairstylists’ directories?

Hello Friends!

We are currently in the midst of COVID-19 quarantine and unless you are sporting a perfect long mane of gray-free hair that the more it grows the more beautiful it looks, you are in dire need of a date with a hair stylist. I personally have a short haircut that needs trimming once a month and being unable to get to a salon since February, I am getting used to a bob – ahhhh…

The thing is, once the quarantine is lifted and we can run to have our hair done, wouldn’t that be a great time to reimagine your look (now that it is all grown out and colors fading)??? If you had a pixie and now have a shoulder bob you can consider a bunch of in-between hair styles that you never had a chance to try because you just could not tolerate a growing out phase? I think that a positive spin on this madness is the fact that sooooo many new styling options are becoming available 🙂

So you looked through hundreds of styles on Pinterest and Instagram and found the one you like. BUT … are you sure your current stylist knows how to create it? I personally only go to the stylists that I KNOW could do the cut that I want. I have been visiting London in February and absolutely needed a cut. I had to first google hair stylists in the area around me, I then had to zero in on the ones that had Instagram, and then go through their Instagram accounts to ensure I see my style shown and it looked good, before I picked the stylists that I felt comfortable with.

ELISTOCRAT to the rescue! We are the only service that allows you to search by hairstyle or hair treatment and city at the same time. First click Search -> Search by Style:

Next, browse through all the styles and pick your winners. If you create an account, you can bookmark any style you like so that you could refer to it when you are at the salon.

Don’t stop! Access stylist’s profile to view more photos, stylist’s Instagram, services, and pricing. Not ready to make a decision? Simply bookmark several stylists and multiple styles. Pick the best! Do not mess with your beauty!

Now it is easy to pick a cut and be sure that the stylist has done a good job creating it!

There you have it. If you are ready for a big change in your hairstyle, moved to a new city and looking for a new hair stylist, or simply are ready to change things up and find a new hairstylist, ELISTOCRAT is the place to do it.

If your are a hairstylist reading this, we encourage you to create a LOOKBOOK and upload various styles to it to show what you are capable of and help customers select YOU in their search for beauty 🙂 Be creative, upload your looks, and tell us how you achieved them. Show us your expertise and let us know which facial features will be complemented by the style. Give us suggestions on how to maintain & style it.

Not sure how to start a LOOKBOOK? No worries, read about it here.

I surely do hope that very soon we will all be able to get our trims in, meanwhile let’s get ready for that day and pick best people for the job!