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Smitten Boutique Salon_Moriah

✂️ Hair Artist✨Blonding & Balayage& Hair painting ✌🏼specialist

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Address: 2209 North Pershing Drive, Arlington, VA 22201, USA – View Directions

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Price Range (For basic cut + style): $$$ 60-100USD

My Specialties: Long Hairstyle, Medium Hairstyle, Short Hairstyle, Color

Allow Same Day Booking: No

My Services and Price List

Women’s Cut

FROM $85
Length: 60min

Contact me at (571)527-0200 to make an appointment

Partial Highlight

FROM $145
Length: 2h

Contact me at (571)527-0200 to make an appointment

Full Highlight

FROM $200
Length: 3h

Contact me at (571)527-0200 to make an appointment


FROM $300
Length: 3h

Contact me at (571)527-0200 to make an appointment

About Me:

Smitten Boutique Salon was established in 2011 by owners Lisa Dahl and Melanie St.Clair. They brought beautiful hair, top stylists, and a relaxed vibe to Arlington, Virginia. Smitten was so well received by the neighborhood that it expanded into its current, larger location in 2014.

Smitten is known for fantastic customer service and experience, exceptional skill, and friendly and talented staff. Clientele will find the best in balayage, dimension color, and advanced cutting.

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