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tokyo haircut

Lost in Translation? How to Get the Perfect Haircut in Japan

Oh, the joys of exploring a new country – trying new foods, seeing new sights, and…getting a haircut? While it may not be on the top of your itinerary, getting a haircut in Japan can be a unique and memorable experience. However, as foreigners, we often face challenges due to language and cultural differences. But…


Glam Seamless vs Bellami: Weighing The Pros And Cons In The Hair Extension Market

Introduction Ever felt overwhelmed when choosing between Glam Seamless and Bellami hair extensions? You’re not alone! With both brands boasting an impressive array of products, it’s hard to distinguish which is the best fit for you. This blog will help eliminate your indecision by weighing the pros and cons of each brand objectively. Let’s dive…

Why Elistocrat

Why ELISTOCRAT is different from other hairstylists’ directories?

Hello Friends! We are currently in the midst of COVID-19 quarantine and unless you are sporting a perfect long mane of gray-free hair that the more it grows the more beautiful it looks, you are in dire need of a date with a hair stylist. I personally have a short haircut that needs trimming once…