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How to Register and Set up Salon Manager Profile

Hello and Welcome to ELISTOCRAT!

Today we are learning how to create a profile if you are a Salon Owner or Manager!

We are happy you are reading this tutorial and ready to register your profile. This is a short tutorial for  Hair Salon Owners or Hair Salon Managers who are ready to create a profile on ELISTOCRAT and manage appointments and profiles for all hair stylists that work in their salon and have already registered with ELISTOCRAT.

If you are a salon owner or manager and would like to manage profiles and appointments of each of your registered stylists, you can create an account of a Hair Salon Manager and have access to each of your stylists’ profiles.

First, access this page and create an account:

Fill out all fields, select Hair Salon Manager under My Role, and click Register.

After you registered, you will receive an email from us with email verification link.

Click on the link in the email -> your account is now verified. Welcome to ELISTOCRAT! 🙂

Now let’s go to the Login Page here:

Log in with your email and password that you have just created. After you log in, you will find yourself on Home Page, that will look like this:


In STEP 1 we are going to look for Hair Stylists that we would like to manage. Type in whole or part of Stylist Profile Name, their city and state and click Search. Profiles that match your search will be displayed below like so:

Next, click on the profile that you would like to send “manage request” to:

After the profile is displayed, look through it to ensure, that this is the right profile for one of your stylists and click Request Access. Email will be sent to the stylist that someone requested access to manage their profile. In the email they will be instructed to grant / reject access under PROFILE->MANAGE PROFILE ACCESS. When Hair Stylist goes to PROFILE->MANAGE PROFILE ACCESS they will see this page:

Hair Stylist can Approve access or Delete the request. After they approve your access, you will receive an email. You are now ready to manage their profile. Head back to Home Page and look under STEP 2.

You will now see a drop down field with the stylists’ names you can manage. Select the name and click Manage. You are now managing their profile. Look at the top of the screen to see whose profile you are managing. IMPORTANT: When you manage someone’s profile, tabs: PROFILE, APPOINTMENTS, COUPONS, LOOKBOOK, REVIEWS all contain information of the person you are managing. You can now click on their PROFILE Tab and adjust their profile data. APPOINTMENTS Tab will allow you to manage their bookings.

You can connect to as many stylist profiles as you need and all profiles that approved your access will be displayed in the dropdown box on your HOME Page. To switch to another profile simply come back to HOME Page, and select a different stylist from the dropdown menu and click Manage.

It is time to put this learning to practice. Please head out to our registration page and create your Salon Manager Profile! We also recommend reading our tutorial for Hair Stylists “How to Register and Set up a Profile”, which covers main functionalities, such as creating & editing of the Stylist Profile, adding stylist services, creating and managing appointments.

In our upcoming tutorial we will cover all additional features offered by ELISTOCRAT.

Thanks for reading!