How to Register and Set up Stylist Profile

Hello and Welcome to ELISTOCRAT!

This is our first tutorial and we are super excited to have you here with us!

We are happy you are reading this tutorial and ready to register your profile. This is a short tutorial for Hair Stylists who are ready to create a profile on ELISTOCRAT and start marketing your hair salon and your hair stylist services. You might have a question before registering, if you should create a profile for a salon or for each individual stylist at the salon. Our recommendation is to create a profile for each stylist at the salon and here is why:

  • The more stylists register for the salon, the more chances that customers will notice your salon while searching.
  • You will have more links leading to your salon page that helps with Google ranking of your page on ELISTOCRAT.
  • And most importantly, if you decide to use our appointment booking feature, you will be able to create appointment calendars for each stylist and manage open/booked slots accordingly.

If you are a salon owner or manager and would like to manage profiles and appointments of each of your registered stylists, you can create an account of a Hair Salon Manager and have access to each of your stylists’ profiles. We have a separate tutorial for Salon Managers, no worries!

And of course, if you are an independent stylist, you are welcome too! Go ahead and register as a Hair Stylist and create a Stylist Profile – Easy!

So let us begin!

First, access this page and create an account:

Fill out all fields, select Hairstylist under My Role, and click Register.

After you register, you will receive an email from us with email verification link.

Click on the link in the email -> your account is now verified. Welcome to ELISTOCRAT! 🙂

Now let’s go to the Login Page here:

Log in with your email and password that you have just created. After you log in, you will find yourself on Home Page, that will look like this. We will refer a lot to this page later in this tutorial so take a minute and get familiar with 3 Steps we have here: Stylist Profile, Services Menu, Booking Calendar.

The main point to note here is that after you registered and logged in, you need to create your Stylist Profile. After you create your Stylist Profile, you will be able to publish it and make it searchable and visible to everyone.

Let’s get to it and start on Stylist Profile! Click on “Manage My Stylist Profile” button in  STEP 1 box.

We, here at ELISTOCRAT, are constantly curating and adding new stylist profiles. Therefore, we recommend that before you create your profile, you first search through un-claimed profiles that we have already created and see if yours is already there.

register your stylist profile

Enter whole or part of your profile name, city, and state. Any un-claimed profiles will be displayed. Click on the profile that you think is yours.  Review profile data and if this is in fact your profile click “Claim Profile”. Done! You can now return to PROFILE-> Manage My Profile and continue with tutorial below.

If, however, you could not find your profile, please fill one out as described below.

If you think that your profile has been incorrectly claimed by someone else, or you claimed wrong profile, please contact us via Help Form on HELP Page and we will help you sort it out.


Go ahead and fill everything out.

We offer you 3 options on how you can handle appointment booking:

  1. I am going to use booking feature provided by ELISTOCRAT – we encourage you to give this option a try. You will be able to create your calendar and allow your customers to book appointments with you right here, on ELISTOCRAT. You can add your personal appointments as well, to make sure you do not double book. Appointments that you add manually will show to customers as simply “Booked” slots and will only be visible to you. If customers make bookings with you on ELISTOCRAT they will be able to leave you reviews later. We think this is a cool option to take advantage of! PRO TIP: ELISTOCRAT is on Mobile so you always have your calendar in your pocket on-the-go.
  2. “I am going to use my own booking provider and provide my booking URL” – If you already use a system that handles all of your bookings, that is great, you are already more organized than most stylists! Pick this option and enter the link to your booking system. Your customers will be able to follow the link and book an appointment with you.
  3. “I would like customers to call me to make an appointment” – If you prefer to talk to your customers before making an appointment, we took care of this also. Simply pick this option and enter you phone number. Customers will be instructed to call you when they are ready to make an appointment.

That’s that! 🙂

When you have completed all the fields click “Create Stylist Profile”. You will be directed to HOME page. If you need to change something in your profile, go to PROFILE-> MANAGE MY PROFILE and make the change.

Now that you are happy with your Stylist Profile, we recommend adding your services and pricing to it (STEP 2) and if you have decided to use our Booking Feature we also recommend opening your Booking Calendar (STEP 3). Both can be done on HOME Page.

Let’s head back to HOME Page.

!IMPORTANT! – Check out what we now have on our HOME Page!?  – > Ability to Publish your Stylist Profile.

You can publish your profile before tackling Steps 2&3 and make it visible and searchable (Google friendly). OR you can click on “Manage My Services Menu” in STEP 2 box and start adding your services.

We also provide you with a code to put on your website, which will show up as our logo + “Find us on ELISTOCRAT” and will link directly to your profile here. We would appreciate if you insert this code on your website as a kind gesture 🙂

We are almost done. Now, let’s tackle STEP 2 and click on “Manage My Services Menu”.

Here you can add as many services as you need, one by one. Please try to be precise when you pick Service Length. We use this time to block the right number of 30-min intervals on your calendar when appointment is made on ELISTOCRAT to avoid booking overlap. As you add more services they will be displayed under this block and you can edit or delete them as needed. PRO TIP: You can always return to this page later to add more services by going to PROFILE-> MANAGE MY SERVICES.

Finally, let’s head back to HOME Page and click on “Manage my Booking Calendar” in STEP 3 Box.

Here we will create “Available” 30-min slots in bulk. We recommend opening your calendar for an upcoming month, not too far in advance. You are always able to come to this page and open more slots for the next time period later by clicking on PROFILE-> MANAGE MY CALENDAR. For example, if you work Tuesday through Saturday, from 9AM to 7PM, and would like to create calendar for the next 2 weeks, you would pick start date as tomorrow and end date 2 weeks from tomorrow. You would then say “Yes” to working on Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat. This will display time boxes, and for each day you can specify that you work from 9AM to 7PM. Click Submit. This will create “Available” 30-min time slots that can be booked by your customers when your Stylist Profile is Published. 

You would most likely want to adjust some of the “Available” slots and mark them as “Booked” or add individual 30-min slots here and there. To accomplish this and put final touches to your calendar, head to APPOINTMENTS Tab.

Example: Here you see that the stylist has “Available” slots on April 30 from 9.30AM to 1PM. Let’s say they already have a booking on that day from 12 noon to 1PM. We need to mark those slots as “Booked”. To do this we click on open circles for each time slot, starting with 12 noon and edit each as “Booked”.


You can mark this 12PM – 12.30PM slot as “Booked” and jot down who this appointment is for under Your Notes. After you mark it as “Booked”, click Save and proceed to adjusting 12.30PM-1PM slot to account for 1 hour of booked time. When those adjustments are made, these 2 time slots will appear as X to customers that are looking at your calendar and they will not be able to pick them for booking.

You can also add more “Available” or “Booked”  30-min slots if you click on Add One 30-min Slot link, that is located in the left hand corner above the calendar.

So here you go! You can manipulate your calendar by adding slots in bulk or adding them one by one and adjusting their status as you go: Booked / Available / Unavailable. We hope you take advantage of this feature and manage your bookings with us! Happy Planning!

Mission accomplished!

We have created  Stylist Profile, added services, and opened up calendar for booking. When customers make bookings through ELISTOCRAT calendar you will receive confirmation email notifying  you of the booking.

Now don’t forget to Publish your Stylist Profile on HOME Page.

This covers the first of three steps towards successful profile management. It is time to put this learning to practice. Please head out to our registration page and create your Stylist Profile! In our next tutorial we will cover all additional features offered by ELISTOCRAT.

Thanks for reading!