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How to create a LOOKBOOK

Dear Hairstylists, Welcome back!

Now that you have created a profile for yourself, if not, please check these links:

How to register and set up a Salon Manager Profile
How to register and set up a Stylist Profile

let’s talk about a section called LOOKBOOK and set it up together. The most important thing to know about the LOOKBOOK section is that people sometimes prefer to search for a hairstylist by looking through photos of their work.  When you start a LOOKBOOK and add Looks that you have created, they are all added to our Looks database and can be searched through, based on the city & state. If I am in Atlanta, GA and I am looking for a stylist, who can create an awesome short cut, I can search “Atlanta, GA -> Short haircut” and see various cuts and styles that were created by stylists in that area. If I like the style and the way it is done, I go to that stylist’s profile and voalá … make an appointment.

Each Look you add to your LOOKBOOK allows you to showcase a specific cut/style/hair treatment and add a description to show your potential clients that you can create this beautiful look. Don’t forget to use Description section to let clients know how to take care of this look, which facial features it complements, what products were used to achieve it.

Now back to business: How do we set up a LOOKBOOK?

First, log in to your account and click on “LOOKBOOK” menu link in the navigation.

Click “Click Here to Add a New Look”

Decide on the look you would like to add and mark appropriate check boxes under ‘This Photo Features”. Check all that apply. Under “Photo Source” select if you will be uploading a photo or you will just embed your Instagram photo. If you picked “I will provide Instagram Link” read on below on how to get your embed code.

Access your Instagram and click on the photo you would like to add to your LOOKBOOK. Next click on 3 dots in the top right corner of the screen. A window with options will pop-up on the screen. Pick Embed. Embed Code will be displayed. You can pick if you would like to include caption with your photo. Copy the code and paste it into “Instagram Embed Code” on Elistocrat.


Take advantage of the Description field! Describe the style. Let clients know how to care for this look, how to style it. Mention what facial features it will complement. When finished, click “Submit”.

That’s it! Your first Look is added! Continue adding more Looks. We recommend adding various Looks that feature various styles, cuts, colors, & hair treatments.

Happy Lookbooking! 🙂