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* Elistocrat: /ˈalɪstəkrat,əˈlɪstəkrat/ a person who wants to look their best and have access to highest quality beauty services



Hairstylists & Hair Salons, we are now looking for you! Market yourself as a hair stylist & get more clientele by showcasing your talents on our site. Create your stylists profiles, post photos of your work, set up and manage your scheduling calendars ALL FOR FREE!

Why is it beneficial for me or my salon to sign up for this Hairdresser Directory / Hairdresser Search & Booking Service? How will this service help building clientele for a hair stylist?

  • Well… first things first, our Hairdresser Directory is FREE. You can check it out at no cost to you and use it, if you like what we have to offer.

  • Currently, there is no comprehensive place for people to come and truly search through hairdressers and hair styles, view their work, read reviews, recommend & bookmark stylists, make appointments. We are hoping to create a vibrant community here, at ELISTOCRAT, community of people who care about their haircuts and are trying to get matched up with the best hairstylists for them. Why not join the community and be a part of it? Showcase your work to people who are looking for a perfect hairdresser. Expand your client base. Make the first step today!

  • We are friendly to independent hair stylists, AS WELL AS stylists, who work at the salons, AND salon managers. We are helping you create your booking calendars and manage them. OR if you are a salon manager/owner, we can help you manage calendars of multiple people. We understand that it is Your business, and therefore, we choose not to handle your finances and/or payments allowing various business setups depending on your needs. Have your own booking system? NO PROBLEM! Just note the link while setting up a profile and customers will be directed to your booking engine or provided with your phone number when they are ready to make an appointment. EASY!

  • We allow you to create your full profile with your information, instagram link, multiple photos of your work. We also invite you to upload “Looks” into our Lookbook to allow users to search through pictures and find their perfect styles. To top it off, you can also load your coupons to promote your business. Create a SLEEK Profile for yourself today!

  • We give you an opportunity to create your booking calendar and have customers book appointments for your services. You can use our calendar to keep track of ALL your appointments, not only the ones made through our site. For Salon Managers we offer connecting to several Stylist Accounts and manage their appointments from one place.

  • Overall, we are hoping that our ELISTOCRAT Community will be a great place for hairdressers and/or salon mangers and owners to create beautiful on-line portfolios that will conveniently become a one-stop shop beauty universe for clients to find you and get inspired. 

ELISTOCRAT is a sleek search service for hair salons, hair stylists & hairdressers. Clients can browse hairdressers' profiles by hairstyles, coupons, price, and more. They can leave reviews and recommendations; bookmark favorite hairstyles and coupons. Hair Salons and Hair Stylists can market their services and build their clientele in our interactive hair salon directory. Register today in free search & booking service for Hair Salons, Hair Stylists, Hairdressers.